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78 record sleeves

The Great 78 Project is a exciting new resource, since it not only archives a large corpus of important historical music which would otherwise be lost, but does so digitally, enabling us to apply the latest in computing techniques to the study of its high quality audio files.

Digital Musicology thrives on large-scale audio collections, and improving our computational methods is best achieved when the community has free and unfettered access to the data, enabling us to collaboratively test and refine our approaches. The Internet Archive is preserving physical 78rpm discs and digitizing them to ensure the survival of their content.

Accessioning collections means working with collectors and archives to understand and record the history of the collection and physical requirements. The Internet Archive will either pack ourselves or carefully instruct donors how to pack the materials for transportation. The Internet Archive has experienced very little breakage with this system. Read more on our handling 78rpm discs. Because 78s are so fragile, the best way to make the content available for research and discovery is to digitize them before packing them away for long term storage.

78 record sleeves

Their processes include handling the physical discs with care, photographing the discs, keying the metadata from the disc, and creating the cleanest possible recordings with four different styli. After digitization, the files are uploaded to archive. Having collected a large quantity of data in a systematic, standards-based form, they have been able to analyze the data. He asked about scaling the work todiscs.

We quickly agreed enormous economies were possible when working at that scale. Thus was born the Great 78 Project. One solution to digitize78s in 24 months would be to do it the same way George Blood has been doing it, but just buy more equipment and hire more people.

This is a bad solution. Over years ago Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations wrote that by dividing production in many small steps each worker would be more efficient.

The worker would gain greater depth of expertise in their step, which would yield higher quality and fewer errors. Ator more it works very well. The same thing applies to the hardware. If you give the technician who is cleaning the discs more Keith Monks machines, he can clean more discs at the same time.

Depending on the condition and size of the discs, the sweet spot is 3 machines. Time and motion studies are a classic way in which efficiencies are discovered and measured. How far does the disc travel down the hall from cleaning to digitization? How can we reduce the number of times the disc is inserted and removed from the sleeve? When does it make sense to group tasks by disc versus doing a task in batches?

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Does it make more sense to complete and upload the file sets one at a time, or to deliver them to the Internet Archive in batches on a hard drive? If so, how often? Shellac discs are heavy, making shipping them expensive. This simplifies the packing. By filling a truck, the discs travel door to door at significantly reduced cost, in a shorter time, and with much less handling.

Shipping just a few pallets means the discs will be loaded and unloaded multiple times as the shipping company maximizes how full the truck is at each leg of the journey. The discs arrive sorted by genre, re-sleeved, and curated for condition and content by Bob George from the Archive of Contemporary Music and his team.Recently while browsing through 78 rpm record listings on eBay, I came across a listing for Capitol's "Honky-Tonk Piano" 3-record album set.

As somewhat of a ragtime pianist myself, I thought it would be fun to own an original copy of this influential set. The listing described the records as being in "excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or scratches. When the auction was all over, I was the winner and I sent my payment to the seller with a note to please pack these fragile records very carefully.

A week later, a small package arrived on my doorstep. I was a little nervous as I opened the thin, flimsy cardboard envelope, wondering if the records had survived the trip. There was no padding and no bracing to prevent bending--nothing between the records and the rough handling of the USPS but the cover of the album set and the cardboard envelope.

As I slid the album set from the shipping envelope, record pieces clinked and fell everywhere. The records weren't cracked or simply broken, they were shattered!

I don't know whether the seller was simply lazy or if he just didn't know any better. But then again I had told him how fragile these things were. Other 78 collectors I know have reported similar horror stories. Over the years, quite a few people have asked me how to ship old 78s safely through the mail. Many thought it couldn't be done.

Not only is it possible to ship old records safely, but it is relatively easy to do. In hopes that it may prevent a few more breakages like the one I experienced, below I offer my suggestions for how to ship 78 rpm records as safely as possible.

I have shipped hundreds of 78s with the following method and have never had one arrive broken. Here we have three 78 rpm records by Sam Lanin's band that we need to ship from Virginia to We want to give them the best chance of surviving the trip intact. The first step is to place the records in some type of protective sleeve. If you need to buy new record sleeves, Nauck's Vintage Records has many sizes available.

If you don't have any sleeves lying around, you can use paper towels to separate the records from one another. It is important that the playing surfaces of the records should not touch each other. During shipping, the records may rub together, scuffing or scratching the playing surface.

78 record sleeves

Next you will need some heavy, corrugated cardboard squares. They should be cut so that they are the same size as the records you are mailing i.

Original Record Sleeves

If you will be mailing many 78s, you may want to consider buying a carton of pre-cut squares available from Bags Unlimited. If you are only mailing a few records or if you are on a budget, you can cut your own squares from old boxes.Record Players. Phono Preamps. Phono Cartridges. Needles Belts.

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Record Cleaners. Record Sleeves. KAB Cables. Sound Accessories. Home Page.

78 record sleeves

Info Page. Show Cart. Check Out. Contact Us. What's On This Page? I Need? Related Links - Record Cleaners - Accessories. These are poly lined heavy paper inner sleeves with center hole. The poly liner covers the entire sleeve but you can read the labels through it. Sold Out. These are anti-static rice paper sleeves and glossy fold over jacket insert cards. For your most prized records. Just like how the original Mo-Fi records were packaged.

These are 28 lb gold kraft sleeves with a large center hole. Good for 10" LP's too.Forgot your Login? Forgot your Password?

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The price guide is maintained by Jon R. Warren, whose price guide books have been the authority on collectibles values since The searchable database consists of detailed reports in an ever-growing database of items in this category. Each Price Guide Details Page includes current market values in ten different grades. The database is updated constantly. Our search engine will find matching pages based on keywords you type into the Search Box. Too many results? Be more specific. Not enough results?

Be less specific. Prices vary widely. We strive to reflect actual selling prices rather than Internet "asking" prices, which are often inflated. They are as up-to-date as possible.

Want to suggest a Price Update? The market for the rarest 78 RPM Records continues to be strong. The rare s and s blues records on labels like Paramount, Vocalion, Gennett and Okeh in original 'like new' condition are very much sought after and sell quickly at high prices.

Beginning in the late s, 78 RPM Records were usually mass-produced, thus making them quite common. Still, many command good prices on eBay and other sites, while others fail to sell or sell at far below original retail. We recommend eBay. One such site is 2ndMarkets. A 2nd Markets Corp.

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The Great 78 Project

Our site uses cookies to keep track of your membership activities. If your browser has cookies disabled, some sections of our site will not function properly. Cookies are a standard mechanism that web sites use to store simple information and it is safe to accept them.Our flagship products are our Diskeeper record sleeves, the highest quality phonograph record sleeves available anywhere. Our outer sleeves pioneered the use of polypropylene, combining the crystal clarity of Mylar with the low price of polyethylene, without Mylar's tendency to split.

We also have a full line of inner sleeves made with antistatic HDPE, and make sleeves for 7", 10", and 12" records. Our 2. Sleeve City. Join our mailing list! Record Sleeves. Sign Up For Our Newsletter:. All Rights Reserved. Built with Volusion.

78 record sleeves

Choose a sub category:. Record Sleeves Our flagship products are our Diskeeper record sleeves, the highest quality phonograph record sleeves available anywhere.

Our archival-quality 12" paper record sleeves are an ideal replacement sleeve for 78 rpm records in your collection, with modern heavyweight paper that is less likely to split than older sleeves. Ultimate Outer Boxed Set Pack of Need a sleeve for boxed sets? Our Ultimate Outer boxed set sleeves provide exceptional protection to your boxed sets and oversized records.

Don't be forced to choose between keeping the original packaging of your picture disc singles and upgrading to an anti-static HDPE sleeve--now you can have both.

Vinyl Record Collector Essentials

These smooth, perfectly fitting round bottom 7" inners will glide easily into picture sleeves without protruding or crumpling. Protect your vintage 78s and mono LPs with our new 10" die-cut jackets, made from the same glossy, extra-strong cardboard as our other record jackets. Even if your 78s never came with a jacket, adding one is a great way to ensure they will last forever. Our Diskeeper anti-static inner sleeves are superior in all respects to traditional paper inners. The strong, smooth 2.

Our newest polypro outer brings Diskeeper protection to 10" records. These sleeves do not cloud like polyethylene, nor do they split like expensive Mylar sleeves, making them the ideal way to preserve your precious 78s and mono LPs. No jacket is too tight for our 1. These basic paper inner sleeves feature die-cut holes on both sides for the record label, and are made from premium pound paper, making them perfect replacements for worn and yellowing original album sleeves.

Ultimate Outer 2. Our poly-lined paper 7" sleeves combine the classic look of paper with the antistatic protection of our famous Diskeeper inners, with a full HDPE lining that prevents buildup of static and paper dust.Availability: In Stock.

Quantity Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Email a friend. Artist Is - Company Sleeves. Not eligible for mailing list discounts. Total will be adjusted if discount used for this item. Company Sleeves - Original Company Sleeves - s and s original. Good to excellent condition.

Company Sleeves - 10 inch vintage Columbia company sleeve exactly as picturedshipped in 10 inch clear plastic sleeve. Enhances and protects you collectable 10 inch 78 rpm record! Company Sleeves - 10 inch vintage Coral company sleeve exactly as picturedshipped in 10 inch clear plastic sleeve. Company Sleeves - Set of 3 vintage company sleeves for 10 inch records exactly as picturedshipped in clear plastic sleeve. Company Sleeves - 5 Vintage 10 inch Company Sleeves for 78 rpm records. Sleeves are in excellent condition!

Company Sleeves - 3 Vintage 10 inch Company sleeves for 78 rpm records. Nice touch to display and store your collectible 78 rpm records! NICE toch to enhance the appearance of your collectable 78 rpm records!

Enhances the appearance and value of your collectible 10 inch 78 rpm records! Company Sleeves - 5-Pack of Vintage 10 inch company sleeves exactly as pictured. NICE way to enhance the appearance and value of your collectible 78 rpm records! Company Sleeves - 3-Pack of 10 inch vintage Capitol company sleeve exactly as picturedshipped in 10 inch clear plastic sleeve. Company Sleeves - 10 inch vintage Capitol company sleeves exactly as pictured2 for the price of 1!

Company Sleeves - 10 inch vintage RCA company sleeves exactly as pictured2 for the price of 1! Excellent condition. Company Sleeves - 10 inch vintage company sleeves, 6-Pack exactly as picturedEnhances and protects you collectable 10 inch 78 rpm record!

Company Sleeves - 10 inch vintage RCA company sleeves, 5-Pack exactly as picturedEnhances and protects you collectable 10 inch 78 rpm record!A complete guide to choosing inner and outer record sleeves to protect your vinyl records.

What are the best protective sleeves for my vinyl records? Which is better, paper or poly inner sleeves? Why are 3 mil. Do your vinyl records use protection?

Oh yes, records need to be protected as do the record's outer jackets with that beautiful album cover art. Most albums and singles come stock with paper inner sleeves which over time yellow, tear and worse hold dirt and shed paper onto the vinyl record.

Kind of silly to spend time and money diligently cleaning your records only to throw them back into a filthy inner sleeve. Worse yet, are those folks who don't even use an inner sleeve and just throw the naked record back in the record jacket which leaves the record prone to dust and causes seam splits to the cardboard outer jacket because the record keeps rolling freely inside.

Hold on, you don't use an outer plastic sleeve to protect the jacket either? That means that every time you slide the album cover back into the rack it gets scuffed and marred. You've seen those old records in the flea market with ring wear? Stop that by using an outer poly bag or sleeve.

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With vinyl records becoming harder to replace and increasing in value every day it is time to start treating your record collection with respect. After properly cleaning a vinyl recordthe next line of defense is placing them into a clean and sturdy inner sleeve.

These are available for 7, 10 and 12 inch vinyl records.

Wondering what your old 78 RPM RECORDS are worth?

Depending on your budget, there are several options from good to best:. Old fashioned paper sleeves shed and can scratch your vinyl records so you should not even consider them! For the best record protection and least amount of friction, get the Mobile Fidelity inner sleeves however, for most price conscience record collectors, the less expensive poly inner sleeves appear to offer a solid value. Since they're very thin, they even fit into the lightweight cardboard import record jackets used on British 12 inch singles from the s.

In situations like this, you simply store the original sleeve inside the record jacket and use your high quality replacement inner sleeve for everyday use.

To store your records after playing them, just hold the slightly bowed open inner sleeve horizontally in one hand while gently sliding the record in with the other hand.

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Never let the record plop down into a sleeve or jacket as this will eventually rip the seams. Finally, take the inner sleeve with the record inside and carefully, and without binding, slide it into the record jacket so that the opening of the inner sleeve is anywhere, but on the open side of the jacket. In other words the opening to your inner sleeve will be on top and the opening of the record jacket will be on the side thus providing double protection to the record inside from dust and room contaminants.

While the inner sleeve is the most important for the actual vinyl record, you must protect the valuable artwork on the outer cardboard album jacket with an outer poly sleeve. If you don't, you will quickly get scratches and scuff marks or even tears on that beautiful artwork. When it comes to outer record sleeves the main difference will be the thickness of the plastic.

Don't bother with the flimsy 1 mil.